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Scope of Freelancing in Nepal




Scope of Freelancing in NepalHave you ever heard of word “Freelancing” or ” Freelancer” before??  If not, this is the article especially for you.

I reckon believe you’ll find this very useful. It may be little long but trust me it’s something important you need to know about.

In this article today, I’ll be covering the following topics all about Freelancing :


What is Freelancing?
Best part of Freelancing.
Some of the Best Freelancing Websites.
Scope of Freelancing in Nepal.
How to begin working as a freelancer?



So yeah, Let me start with what Freelancing is?

So far you know, Freelancing is a way of independent earning from many projects and assignments that are available on freelancing websites. Freelance means that the worker is not bound by the policies of any company rather they are bound by the project they have been provided with.

In simple words , you can call Freelancing as a online part-time job or something similar. So, If you’re a student or a house-wife its a great way to earn handsome amount by working for few hours.



The best part about freelancing  :


  • You can work as per your schedule. Choose your working hours yourself.
  • You are your own Boss. No one is going to screw your head because there is no one called “Boss” in this platform. You work, deliver and get paid instantly. Its simple.
  • You can work with multiple clients at the same time which you cannot do in a regular job.
  • If you do a regular job, your payment is fixed. You can’t earn more than that. But  if you work as a  freelancer , you can earn as much as you want. It’s all up to the amount of work you can deliver.
  • You will get opportunity to work for Foreign Clients and get paid in Dollars. If you can maintain a long term working relationship with any of the clients you’ve worked with, you can earn much money regularly.



Some of the Best Freelancing Websites to begin with 


There are infinite number of such websites. But I would advice/recommend you people to begin with Upwork . This is the website  I’ve been using from last few months and yes I’m earning Beautiful  Handsome Amount from this site. Let’s be honest , I am happy with what I’m earning and I could easily manage pocket money myself every month.

Sounds interesting , Right?

So, what’re you waiting for? Start working as a freelancer by registering with a reliable online freelance service marketplace. After registration , create your profile and employers from all corners of the world will  contact you.



Scope of Freelancing in Nepal :


I can see a huge scope of Freelancing in Nepal. Being a experienced freelancer , I’ve the idea and vision about the jobs that are been posted in the Freelancing Sites by clients from different countries. Many people in Nepal are still unknown about this fact.

The average wage of people in Nepal is very less if compared to the average wage of people in developed countries like UK, USA and Australia. Let’s take a real time example to make it clear. If a non-technical person from UK/USA plans to develop a simple website for his Business or something, he would need a web developer to complete his project. So if he goes with Web designing companies in his own country, they would definitely charge him not less than 500$ for a simple static website. And for the same thing, if he contacts designer from other countries where the average wage of worker is less, he can complete his project in let’s say ( <200$ ) or may be less than that. A huge difference right??


Also what if someone from USA wants some document translated to Nepali ? Obviously he’ll look for some Native Nepali Speakers. And the main thing is there is very less competition in Upwork if it comes about translation of Nepali documents. As there are very few freelancers from Nepal.

So it’s your chance now to register yourself as a  Freelancer from Nepal and start winning those projects.



How to begin working as a Freelancer?


You may be wondering How and Where to start with. Its preety simple. Just follow these few steps :


The first thing is to land on the Upwork homepage. Click Here to go to Upwork. And this is what you can see .


Now Click on “Become a Freelancer” at the Top Right Corner of the Page. This will lead you to a next page which looks like ,

Click on the “Become a Freelancer” on the middle of the page which lands you to the page where you’re supposed to enter your personal details like name, email and address.


You should enter the Correct Details here because this details will be used during the Payment Processing. Account creation with wrong Name will lead you to a huge problem later.. Trust me.

Add some relevant skills and submit your Profile. Once the profile has been accepted by Upwork team member, you can then send the proposals to Clients .

You may be asked to enter some more information later. Just feel free and enter all the necessary details as this site is Legit. You even need to add your local bank account details for receiving the Payment from Upwork.


Heads up !!!!! Now you’re a Freelancer. Start searching for the jobs of your relevant skills and start sending proposals.

If you have any queries or if you encounter any problem during the process , feel Free to comment down below. I’ll get you the solution to the problem ASAP.

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  1. I used to hear about Freelancing before..But never went in depth what is actually is…

    Do they make payment directly to our local bank account??

    Thanks for the detailed information btw.

    • Hi Neeraj !! I’m glad you’re here..Please subscribe the Yellmeout Community to be in touch..

      And yes, Upwork can directly transfer the fund to your local bank account.. For this correct information needs to be provided from your side…


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