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Adsense Approval Criterias for Blogs


top 7 criterias that adsense look for

Top 7 criterias that Adsense look for before accepting your Blog

So now you’ve got your website/Blog ready. And thinking of applying for Adsense programme .

Hold On !! Hold On !!!

Do your Blog satisfies all the criterias of Adsense ??

It is waste of time applying for Adsense unless your Blog satisfies all the criterias.

Here are some updated criterias that Adsense look for before accepting your Blog for monitization . Let’s have a look one by one :

  1. You must have at least 10-15 good and informative articles written in your own language. Copying contents from other website won’t work.
  2. You must not use copyrighted images in your Blog. This means are not supposed to use random images you get from google search. (There are some websites( Pixabay ,Gratisography ) which provide Royalty Free images. You can get images from those websites for your Blog. Or else you can simply create your own images using photoshop).
  3. Your Blog should look clean . So try making it look good and simple.
  4. Create all pages like ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’.
  5. Your Blog should have sidebars where you can put ads.
  6. Focus on having more texts in your Blog rather than using much images.
  7. Google also looks the age of the Blog. Probably a blog should be 3-5 months old.

So yeah, try to fix these stuffs out before applying for Adsense..

If you have any queries regarding the article feel free to raise a question in the comment below..

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